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Part of knowledge translation is about connecting different networks that, together, can make an even greater impact. I’ve connected mental health advocates with talented branding and web development experts, so that sensitive topics could be addressed in a tasteful and energetic way.

I’ve connected longevity experts with storytelling experts to help ensure appropriate support for older persons wanting to share their legacy. Through a former website, I’ve connected writers in the Caribbean with their counterparts in the UK and US and shared their parallel stories.

And via my former role as a podcast co-host, I’ve connected the Caribbean diaspora to experts on emerging political, cultural and economic trends in the region.

Now, I’d like to connect you to my Caribbean colleagues in various fields. These seasoned professionals offer a range of services which may prove useful for yourself or your organization:


Nadya Shah is an artist, culture specialist, festival coordinator and expert on Caribbean creative and cultural industries. Her art is available on commission and her services are available via consultation.


Agyei Archer

Agyei Archer is the mind behind this website. As a highly sought after web designer and one of the very few Black font developers in the world, Agyei uses design to both preserve and propel culture.




Plantain, co-founded by global health researchers Felicia Chang and Zaake De Coninck, creates beautiful, unique life story books and digital heirlooms to preserve legacies for the benefit of future generations.



Candice Lee Chow is a graphic designer specializing in layouts of paper-based publications, including company brochures, event programmes and non-fiction books.