The integrity of a publication does not depend on fancy words and lengthy explanations. With knowledge translation services, it is very possible to produce an easy to read publication that reaches its target audiences with clarity, accuracy and appeal.


When it comes to health education and promotion, knowledge translation can be lifesaving work. The website for the Alzheimer’s Association in Jamaica originally focused more on the organization’s history rather than on providing information to the public. I worked with the organization to firstly develop a tagline that made it clear what their priorities were ‘Information, Advocacy and Support.’ Then I re-worked the site’s tab titles, headers and copy to coincide with this. For a more B2B project, I condensed Dr Ishtar Govia’s wide skill set into punchy highlights on her home page, so health project managers could immediately see her strengths. I also used simple headers on her Portfolio page to guide users through her wealth of experience.


Each year, the International Longevity Centre UK hosts a ‘Future of Ageing’ blog to promote their annual conference on the topic. I’ve contributed for the past 4 years, using the platform to translate Caribbean experiences for an international audience. Similarly, I’ve written for Elite Daily; a popular, New York based website which targets millennials. I’ve used this platform to talk about topics like Alzheimer’s Disease and mental wellness by translating these issues into relatable content for young adults. Lastly, for my coverage of cultural events like the 2016 Festival Fringe for the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, T&T, I again used the blog style to communicate complex issues like resource constraints in developing countries via simple, everyday accounts.


Printed materials are in no danger of going out of style. They are still the preferred means of information dissemination among hard to access groups; older persons or at live events. Making the most of the printing fees while trying not to overwhelm the audience is a delicate dance. As part of Alzheimer’s Jamaica’s renewed efforts in information, advocacy and support, I wrote the copy for their new brochure (as attached to link), which included some background, answered FAQs about the disease and also clarified what services were available from the organsiation. Similarly, when the STRiDE dementia project in Jamaica required educational materials for an event for caregivers, I edited copy for the sensitive topic of coping with unpredictable behaviours in dementia (as attached to link). It was important to use preferred terms around the illness to maintain respect for persons with dementia, while providing honest advice to their caregivers.